7 Hacks to Make Moving a Worry-Free Process

Moving a home or office brings with it a fever of anticipation. As moving day draws nearer though, it can at times bring with it, a rising wave of anxiety. You start to cross things off your mile-long checklist. You’re ironing out all sorts of details while being in constant contact with the office movers or house movers in Singapore. If you aren’t careful, it can all get a little overwhelming.
Luckily for us, there are a few simple things you can do to make the process a whole lot smoother.

1. Give yourself time. Start early instead of panicking at the last moment
Don’t underestimate or overestimate yourself. Moving to either a new house or work space is not just an act of physical labour. It is important you give yourself plenty of time to plan out the whole process. Use a few of the weekends leading up to moving day to pack away some of the things not in use every day. Chisel away the workload bit-by-bit and your moving day will pass like a pleasant breeze.
Also, check with your mover company if they take care of packing.

2. De-clutter. Be sure everything you place onto the mover’s van has its space in the new location
Moving offers the perfect occasion to reorganize your work or home area.
Get rid of all the stuff you have but know that you will never use. Make practicality your priority. If you have stuff that is no longer for you, consider donating some of it to the less fortunate in the area.

  • Allow yourself a few sentimental keepsakes if you wish.
  • But be brutal with the rest.


3. Click pictures of the wiring before you disconnect
Perhaps you’re a tech genius, but then again perhaps you’re not. If you want to err on the side of caution, take a picture of the ports and plugins off all your electronics before you unplug them for the movers.
A quick record of the back of your TVs, computers, and other devices will make reattaching them to their new destination a much simpler process.

4. Tag Em! Label everything you pack… as you pack
Moving can be a physically draining activity. When you finally manage to get your stuff to the new location you might not have the time or energy to unpack everything. You might take days, or even weeks to unpack everything at the new location. In such cases, nothing will help more than well-labelled boxes.
Not only will you know exactly what to reach for, to get what you want. It will tell you what you can leave for another day.

  • Colour coding your labels is another way to make life easier.
  • You can have different categories of boxes that need to be emptied over different time slots.
  • Don’t forget to pack your essentials separately. This would include things you might need immediately on arrival at your new place, as well as precautionary first aid.


5. Beware of breakables
Anything made of glass (including dishes, lights, mirrors, etc.) need to be packaged properly before the movers arrive. While bubble wrap is an option, napkins, towels or even fluffy thick winder wear can work just as well.
*Just remember to back the glass tight so there is no room for it to move and get accidentally damaged by the movers.

6. Sort out your utilities. Make sure the basic facilities will be functioning when you arrive
Moving can at times leave you with a lot on your mind. There might be things that go under the radar. Utilities are one of the things you simply cannot have slipped through the cracks.
The last thing you’d want would be to reach the new location and find you have no power, water or heating. While you plan for the future don’t forget to cancel the deals on your old location. After all, you don’t want to have a surprise demand for funds at a place you won’t be using anymore.

7. Complimentary containers. Boxes to hold all your stuff can be found for free
You’re going to need a lot of containers to move your stuff. Boxes will be needed for some of your small or heavy things. Don’t fuss over buying them though. You can most probably get some boxes for free on an online market space. If you don’t have any success there, you can pop into your local grocers or retail stores and see if you can borrow a couple of boxes from them. They’re sure to have a few to spare.

Lastly don’t forget to rest well before your move. The whole procedure can be taxing and a restful night before can make the world of a difference. Consider hiring movers in Singapore who know exactly what they’re doing. It will help guarantee you start your new journey on a right & relaxed note.

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