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During our daily usage, dust will start to build up around the aircon system which will lead to growth of mold and fungi over time. By doing a general aircon servicing, we help to remove/minimize those surface dust before it goes deep down into the system.


We can maintain your air-con in a timely manner at your own preference by using our yearly maintenance. These maintenance plan help to upkeep your aircon cleanliness and efficiency at a much cheaper rate.


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    iCleaner Pte Ltd provides following servicing works for both residential and commercial premises.

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    Chemical Wash

    Chemical cleaning is using a pressurized stream and mist spray to penetrate and loosen grime, grease, dirt and sometimes fungi and mold. Clean water will be used to remove chemical from the fan coils and this process will now remove the loosened impurities from the coils.

    Chemical Overhaul Wash

    Our chemical overhaul wash can makes your aircon sparkle clean & completely sanitize and help to improves machine efficiency and performance, lower down your electrical bill, solving water leaking issue and much more.

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning uses jet of heated steam to clean the aircon components, the non-toxic nature of steam cleaning kills 99.99% of bacterial and removal of mould making your home a much safer environment for the ones you love.

    Trouble Shooting

    Our professional team provide you the best and precise troubleshooting perfect for your unit. It also helps to evaluate the condition of the air con and advise on the most economical solution.

    Installation and Parts Replacement

    We supply all kinds of air con brands in the Singapore market and our experienced air con installer provide quality service to install various models of air con at competitive price.

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